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Eclipse WTP – Bug#173912

Today Jordan told me to reproduce some bugs in here. There are lots of bugs that need to be fixed, and I started browsing them. However, each bug has a different difficulty level, which is unknown to me, so a bug that seems easy at first glance might be actually a difficult bug, and vice versa. I have no idea. For the time being, I picked up one bug from the list and tried reproducing it.

Here’s the steps that I followed in order to reproduce the bug # 173912.

1. Create a dynamic web app named app1. Aim it at an APP server.
2. Create a class, com.whatever.MyClass, add the following methid, and save and close.
public String getGreeting() {
return “Number one!”;
3. Create a nother dynamic web project named app2.
4. Create a jsp index.jsp in app2 and also create com.whatever.MyClass and change “Number one!” to “Number two!”.
5. Set a breakpoint on the bean expression in app2’s index.jsp.
6. Add both projects to the server.

Here’s the screenshots for MyClass (in app1 and app2)

MyClass.java (in app1 and app2)

MyClass.java (in app1 and app2)

index.jsp (in app1 and app2)

index.jsp (in app1 and app2)

Next steps are the following:

8. Restart the server in debug mode.
9. Run app2’s index.jsp on the server.
10. When the breakpoint is hit, select “bean” in the Variables view in the debugger. Do <context menu>–>Open declared type. The Java editor will open, but on app1’s com.whatever.MyClass.

Here’s the screenshots for the steps above.

Trying to debug "app2"

Trying to debug "app2"

At this point, I’m debugging app2, and when the debugger reaches the breakpoint that I made in the index.jsp (app2) it should display the debug perspective and all the debugging information regarding app2 MyClass.

Instead, it displayed app1 MyClass information.

MyClass in app1 is displayed instead of the one in app2

MyClass in app1 is displayed instead of the one in app2

So the point of this bug is, when you have different projects which have the same structures, the debugger mixes up one another and yields mixed up information. I’m not sure why this happens. Anyway it for sure happens and I successfully reproduced the bug.

I tried to locate the cause of the bug.



I assume this source look up thing relates to the bug, however it’s a bit hard to decipher this.

See you!


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