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Response to “Learning to be at the festival”

I saw the lecture video : Getting started in Open Source projects, or “Learning to be at the festival”: David Humphrey.

The video was very interesting. I like the way David described diving into an open source community as going to the festival.

As he told us last week, we do not need to be a main people who plays a significant role in the community, but I can be one of participants who enjoy the atmosphere – “because you are there, you are part of it.” The video encouraged me in a way I got an urge to learn and get most out of the involvement in the Eclipse WTP project.

I will try IRC to find some community formed for Eclipse development.


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3 Responses

  1. Davoud says:


    I’m leaving a comment since I couldn’t find any other way to contact you : )

    In case you are not already aware, the forums are a great source for questions re Eclipse development:

    http://www.eclipse.org/forums try “Newcomers” and “WTP” threads..

    Hope this helps…

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